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Remembrance :

Remembrance of those that have served the Nation in conflict.

Remembrance in & around Prestwich

St Mary's War Graves & Memorials :

A map of war graves and memorials

A map of war graves and memorials

St Mary's Noteable Graves & Memorials :

A map of noteable graves and memorials

A map of noteable graves and memorials

St Mary's guide to the graves and monuments :

Ian Pringle’s guide to the graves and monuments in Prestwich Parish Churchyard

Heritage Society publication


Allen,Charles :

MP for Stroud

Info Info: Alan's father Peter, lived at Sedgley Mount and was the manager of the Manchester
Guardian, part owning the Evening News.
Charles scored the first ever points by
Wales versus England (1884), was MP 1900-1918
and served as a Town Major (aged 53)
in the Gloucester Regt during WWI.
Died 1930.

Appleyard, Thomas :

House Joiner to Sir Thomas Egerton,the 1st Earl of Wilton of Heaton Hall

[St Mary's B2]

Astley, Samuel :

The Unfortunate Death of Samuel Astley

[St Mary's |B2]

Aston,John :


Man Utd Footballer

Info Info:John Aston Snr Position: Full Back
Birthdate: 03-09-1921
Trainee: 01/1938.Professional: 12/1939
Years at Club: 1946-1954 Debut: 18/09/1946 v Chelsea
(H Maine Road) 1-1 (League Division One)
Played in 1948 FA Cup final win over
Blackpool. 17 England caps.
Retired from the game in 1954,
chief scout under Wilf McGuiness.
Died: 31/07/2003


Bannerman, James:

Home Trade Merchant and active Conservative.

Beaufort,John St Lawrence :

Postmaster of Manchester for 27 years

Manchester Postmaster

[St Mary's SOUTH]

Birch, Canon Henry :

Tutor to the Prince of Wales and Rector of St Mary's for 32 years.

Canon Birch

[St Mary's B2B]

Blenkinsop, William :

This soldier spent 36 years in the 10th (Lincs)Regiment of Foot serving & fighting in Spain, Italy,France and Malta.

Post by Alan Jennings

[St Mary's B2B]

Bridgford, Sir Robert K.C.B. :

Leader of troops in the Boer War

[St Mary's SOUTH]


Broadhurst, Henry Tootal :

Of Woodhill and Tootal Broadhurst & Lee Hemming manufacturers

[St Mary's SOUTH]


Buxton, Richard :


[St Mary's NORTH]


Catton, James :

Ground breaking football journalist

Supported football turning professional

[St Mary's NS3]

The Clegg Family:

Mill owners of Besses o'th'Barn, Butt Hill and Rectory Lane.

Also founded Besses Brass band

[St Mary's D2]

Collier, Thomas :

The oldest grave in St Mary's Churchyard

This grave records the deaths of the children of Thomas,
who all died between the 1st & 12th December 1641.
[St Mary's B1]

Cobden, Charles :

Brother of Richard Cobden of the Anti-Corn League

This grave records the child of Richard, and his Brother Charles.

[St Mary's B1]


Henry Dalton :

Chelsea Pensioner

Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery

[St Mary's North]

Samuel Dawson :

of Blackley

Corporal in Colonel Lee's Light Dragoons (Irish Rebellion)

[St Mary's B2EAST]

Otho Dudson :

Mill & Dye works owner of Lands End

The Dudson Family of Lands End

[St Mary's D2]


Fairbairn, Sir William :

Mechanical Engineer, boiler, bridge, ship and locomotive builder & inventor.

Mechnical Engineer

[St Mary's B2(B)]

Fairbairn, Mary Elleanor :

Daughter of Thomas Fairbarin. Thomas was also an Engineer, 3rd son of Sir William and later knighted & became Mayor of Leeds.

[St Mary's B2]

Fort, Lawrence:

Calico printer & business partner of Richard Cobden.

Fort Bros - Calico Printers

of Sedgley Hall


Gray, John :

Chelsea Pensioner

Brigade Sergeant Major, Royal Artillery

[St Mary's NS1]

Grimshaw, William :

Bike & car dealer, and The Gramophone King.

Gramophone King (external site)

[St Mary's C3]


Harker,Howard, M.C. :

WWI flying Ace.

Harker, WW1 flying Ace

Hayhurst, Squadron Leader :

WWII flying Ace.

Hayhurst, WWII flying Ace

Haywood, Abel :

Chartist Publisher & Mayor of Manchester.

Abel Heywood

The Hilton Family:

Hulton/Hylton/Hilton families of Prestwich.

Hilton Lane

Holden, Isaac :

Architect of Prestwich Hospital.


Horsefield, John :


[St Mary's D2]

Hulme, Otho :

Of Barnfield, Bleacher & Calico printer


[St Mary's SOUTH]


Lamb, James :

Internationally renowned cabinet maker.

cabinet maker

[St Mary's SOUTH]

Lamb, Capt Ynyr :

Captain in the Bengal Native Infantry

Capt. in the Bengal Native Infantry

[St Mary's C WEST]

Leeson, Everard :


[St Mary's SOUTH]

Lyon, Rev. James :

Rector of St Mary's

Rector for 53 years


Mather, Sir William :

M.P. and of of Mather & Platt Ltd.

[St Mary's NS1]

Mather, Roy Craygo :

Director of Mather & Platt Ltd.

[St Mary's NS1]

McConnel, James & William & Henry :

Cotton mill owners.

Bent Hill
Bent House

Mills, Michael & Haslam :

BBC journalist, barrister and author, of Inglewood, Prestwich Park Rd South

Michael was son of Haslam.

Muirhead, Thomas Steven & Thomas Jnr :

Of Barnfield, Alderman, Fishmongers & Architect



Novelli, Lewis & Hariet :

Murdered Widow

The Story of a Murdered Widow
[St Mary's B2]


Ogden, Robert :

Lived at and brother of the Architect of Rookwood


Percival, James :


[St Mary's D2]

Percival, William :

Veteran of the Battle of Waterloo 1815.

Waterloo Veteran

[St Mary's SOUTH]


Roberts, Charlotte :

House Keeper to Thomas Egerton, formerly Grosvenor, the 2nd Earl of Wilton of Heaton Hall

[St Mary's B2]

Royle, Vernon :

Justice of the Peace
Lived at Brooklands

[St Mary's B2 EAST]


Scholes, Rev. Jacob, George, Thomas :

Landowners of Prestwich, read about them at:

High Bank

Sidney, Henry :

House Steward to Sir Thomas Egerton,the 1st Earl of Wilton of Heaton Hall

[St Mary's B2]

Simister, James :

Gave his name to the land and village of Simister

Simister, the man and the place

Slagg, John :

merchant, justice of the peace, and friend of John Cobden

Sturgeon, William :


Inventor of the Electromagnet

[St Mary's B2B]

Swain, Charles :


The Manchester Poet

[St Mary's SOUTH]


Taylor, John :

Gardner to Sir Thomas Egerton,the 2nd Earl of Wilton of Heaton Hall (buried alongside other servants)

[St Mary's B2]

Thorpe, Edward Addin :

Soldier who served & died in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882

[St Mary's NORTH]


Vickers, Hedley :

Of Barnfield, meat producers



Webster, Thomas :

Gardner to to Sir Thomas Egerton,the 1st Earl of Wilton of Heaton Hall.
The grave includes his wife and 8 grandchildren.

[St Mary's D1]

Wood, George :

Magistrate,deputy Leutenant of Lancashire, and MP for Kendal
Lived at Brooklands

[St Mary's SOUTH]


Young, Julia :

Actress, and wife to actor Charles Mayne Young


[St Mary's B1]

Wrigley, Thomas & Willam :

Of Barnfield, Railway contractors


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Remembrance :

Remembrance of those that have served the Nation in conflict.

Remembrance in & around Prestwich