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Prestwich Places

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[Preface by Martin Harper]

For a long period until 1777 the manor of Prestwich was held by the Coke (pronounced Cook) family. Thomas W Coke, afterwards the Earl Of Leicester, was Lord Of The Manor Of Prestwich. He sold all his lands in Prestwich to proceed with his agricultural experiments in Norfolk. Coke was one of the greatest improvers of agriculture and completely altered the methods used in England.

The manorial estates were divided up and purchased by the first generation of rich Manchester industrialists who created individual private estates which characterised Georgian Prestwich. Their names linger on in, amongst others, Sedgley Park, Polefield, Butt Hill, High Bank, Drinkwater Park and Heaton Park, the seat of the Earls Of Wilton, which still exists.

The next generation of rich Manchester merchants built large houses in and around the earlier estates which gave Prestwich its distinctive character in the Victorian period.

The growth of suburban Manchester came along the main roads, the tramways and railway lines. The merchants houses and estates were sold and their grounds subdivided with newer smaller houses built that now cover Prestwich.

Read a Guide to the Borough of Prestwich from the late 1950's

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Agecroft Hall :

Agecroft Hall, residence of the Lords of the Manor.

Agecroft Hall

Agecroft Power Stations :

Booklet covering Agecroft Power Stations 1924-1993

Agecroft Power Stations

Agecroft Power Stations :

Leaflet covering Agecroft Power Stations

Agecroft Power Stations

Steam Engines at Agecroft Power Stations :

Leaflet about the Steam engines at Agecroft Power Station

Agecroft in Steam


Barnfield :

Barnfield Park.


Bent Hill :

Prestwich Town Hall.

Bent Hill

Bent House :

Bent House

Brooklands :


Butt Hill :

Butt Hill


Clifton Hall & Clifton Junction :

Article covering Clifton Hall & the battle of Clifton Junction.

Clifton Hall & Clifton Junction

Clough Lane :

Article covering Clough Lane.

Clough Lane

Prestwich Clough (House) :

Article covering Buckley Bleachworks and Prestwich Clough (House)

Prestwich Clough (House)

Clough Tea Rooms:

The Old Tea Rooms

Clough Tea Rooms

Prestwich Clough Heritage Trail :

Guide to the numbered posts in Prestwich Clough (with photos)

Prestwich Clough Heritage Trail

Prestwich Cloughs Walk :

Walk taking in Prestwich Clough & Mere Clough

Prestwich Cloughs Walk


Deyne Hall :

The Old Deyne Hall, residence of the Rectors.

Deyne Hall

Drinkwater :

Drinkwater Park & Irwell House



Hardman's Fold:

Hardman's Fold

Heaton House:


Headlands : Home of the Pilkington Family


Highbank :

High Bank House

Hilton House :

Hilton House

Heathlands :


The Holme :

The Holme

Hope Road :

Residents of Hope Road, Prestwich


External Site all about Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital (Lancashire County Lunatic Assylum)

The How :

The How, Sedgley Park


Listed Monuments and Buildings of Prestwich :

Listed Monuments and Buildings

Lost Buildings Pt1 (Scholes Lane/BoR):

Lost Buildings Pt1

Lost Buildings Pt2 (Polefield/BoR) :

Lost Buildings Pt2

Lost Buildings Pt3 (Drinkies/Waterdale):

Lost Buildings Pt3

Lost Buildings Pt4 (Simister) :

Lost Buildings Pt4

Lost Buildings Pt5 (Prestwich Village) :

Lost Buildings Pt5


Myrtle Grove Dye Works,Sedgley Park :

Also home ot the Buckley family.


Notable Graves of St Mary's :

Some notable burials of Prestwich Parish Church.

Notable Graves of St Mary's Church


The Old Engine Cottage:

The Old Engine Cottage

Clough Tea Rooms


Philips Park & Hall :

Philips Park

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Polefield :

Polefield properties

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Prestwich Park :

Prestwich Park

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Rookwood :

Designed by and home to the Ogden Family

Rookwood (& Wrenwood)

The Roost:

Home to the First Postmaster of Manchester

The Roost


Sedgley Hall :

Sedgley Park (Old) Hall. Home to the Philips, Wood, and Fort families.

Sedgley Park Hall

Sedgley New Hall :

Sedgley New Hall. Home to the Lee and Barclay Families

Sedgley New Hall

Sedgley House :

Sedgley House. Home to the Petrocokino family.

Sedgley House

Sedgley Mount :

Sedgley Mount. Home of the Alexandroff family.

Sedgley Mount

Simister, James :

Gave his name to the land and village of Simister

Simister, the man and the place

Springfield Cottage :

Home to the Clegg family

Springfield Cottage

St Mary's Church :

A brief History for visitors to Prestwich Parish Church.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's War Graves & Memorials :

St Mary's War Graves & Memorials


Waterdale :

Waterdale Dye Works & Area

Wellbank :

Wellbank, links to Willams & Deacons Bank, the sinking of the Lusitania and a Yiddish Comedy.

Woodhill :

Woodhill Home to the Scholes & Mather families

Woodthorpe :

Woodthorpe home to The Rowland family of mill owners and Sir Edward Holt

Wrenwood :

Home to the Mather Family (of Mather & Platts)

Wrenwood (& Rookwood)

WWII Sites :

WWII Sites of Prestwich

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