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Point 10. The New Side (NS) sections, date from 1855, after the Church finally got the Hospital to pay towards the graveyard it kept quickly filling. These are referred to as the Greek Sections, because of several burials of Greek Orthodox millionaire merchants,Demitriadi (NS2) and Petrocokino (NS1) and even a priest.

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In NS1 can also be found the grave of Sir William Mather, marked by a Celtic cross, founder and head of the international engineering company of Mather and Platt, which manufactured textile machinery. To his side lies his teenage daughter Grace Emma, "Gem", who died in a horse riding accident in Fontainebleau. Sir William's other daughter married a son of the Petrocokino family.

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Passing the bench and returning to the Church, pass by the foot of the Church Tower again (known as crossing the River Jordan - but can you find out why?) To the North of the Church, a Welsh slate memorial to all 5 to 6000 hospital patients buried in St Mary's churchyard, mainly in unmarked graves, between 1851 and 1994.

Nearby stand 12 Commonwealth War Graves, Point 8, of First World War soldiers who were treated at the local Red Cross Hospitals (Langley, Polefield and Sedgeley halls were commissioned for this).

Exit the churchyard through the gates and take a short diversion down the recently named Pringle Walk (after the late local historian) and you will find...

Point 12. A triangular marker stone dated 1827, asking people to keep off the grass. It is listed grade 2. If (remembering to keep off the grass) you carry on past the cobbled path which leads towards Saint Ann's Rd, Lowther Rd and Butterstile, you pass the 1925 extension to your left, which contains several World War two graves, and arrive at Point 11 near the Clough Drive gateway. A further section of unmarked graves of Hospital inmates lies in the triangular section to your left.

Return back up Pringle walk, or pick a footpath and walk through Prestwich clough in the steps of the Prestwich Naturalists.

St Mary's guide to the graves and monuments :

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