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Walks & tours of Prestwich

St Mary's Churchyard tour:

The best thing to do is to book onto a guided tour but dates are limited. Check the following maps and you can always guide yourself...

If you have a suitable mobile device you can take an audio tour along with you to St Mary's. Scan the QR code or go to Echoes.xyz, download the app & the tour.


Click on the map below to start a churchyard tour via the website. The tour is split into 5 parts. Click on the orange play/play in browser button on each page to have it read out loud to you, or simply scroll and read.

You can click download against each individual audio file for listening off line if you wish to take it with you.

Click the map to start the tour

Alternatively you can listen to all 5 parts in one go here:

St Mary's Churchyard Art tour:

A churchyard tour picking out some noteable artists,architects,musicians and a poet.

Read more about Prestwich Arts Festival .

Here is an interview with Bill Cottam giving a tour of the churchyard, or click the map above to start your own tour
[credit to at maidstone.blog]...

Philips Park Tree Trail (NEW for 2022!!) :

Guide to the numbered posts in Philips Park & Mere Clough

Mere Clough tree Trail

Philips Park Tree Trail (Old) :

Guide to the numbered posts in Mere Clough

Mere Clough tree Trail

Philips Park Nature Reserve :

Prestwich off-road Bike Trails :

Prestwich Bike Trails

Prestwich Clough Heritage Trail :

Guide to the numbered posts in Prestwich Clough (with photos)

Prestwich Clough Heritage Trail

Prestwich Clough & Drinkwater Park :

Prestwich Clough & Drinkwater Park Walk

Prestwich Cloughs Walk :

Walk taking in both Prestwich Clough & Mere Clough